CompilerWorks is now part of Google Cloud

CompilerWorks Lineage is a comprehensive solution for enterprise-wide Data Processing Management (DPM).

CompilerWorks Lineage analyzes data processing logs and code – it never touches data.

It builds a lineage fabric (unified model) at the database column level; on multiple data repositories; across the entire enterprise.

Imagine if all data engineers and analysts could read all of the data processing code in your infrastructure, analyse it, and tie it together into a unified lineage fabric. They would understand everything about how data is being used in the enterprise.

CompilerWorks delivers that lineage fabric by capturing all the information contained in all data processing code and who executes the code. The lineage fabric provides insights into data infrastructure – the result is increased data engineering, data analyst and data processing productivity.

“CompilerWorks Lineage has helped close the gap that existed in our lineage knowledge. It has helped us do impact analysis for our data migrations, upstream and down.”

Liuyin Cheng, Lyft Data Engineer | LYFT