Success Stories

“In order to have trust, [data scientists] usually need to see the lineage of where the data comes from,. CompilerWorks offers the desired transparency into such condensed information.”
— Bruno Freitag, Syngenta Senior Data Architect

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“CompilerWorks Lineage has helped close the gap that existed in our lineage knowledge. It has helped us do impact analysis for our data migrations, upstream and down.”
— Liuyin Cheng, Lyft Data Engineer

“Without CompilerWorks software, we would not have been able to migrate our critical risk models to our new platform in the targeted timeframe. For us, CompilerWorks provides insurance against unforeseen delays.”
— Marcel Kramer, Director of Data Engineering

CompilerWorks Lineage enabled OfferUp to complete their migration in record time, shaving months off the projected timeline. In addition, Lineage was able to identify individual database columns unused by any downstream processes.