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CompilerWorks Lineage Live Demo

Take a look at our Live Demo and discover why companies like Syngenta, PayPal, OfferUp, Lyft, and ABN AMRO Bank rely on CompilerWorks for automated platform-agnostic data lineage.

“There may exist other instances of lineage information not tied to specific technologies, fully automated, condensed to actionable insights. I just have not seen them yet.”

Brun Freitag Integration and Data Business Architect | Syngenta Group

CompilerWorks Lineage lets you reverse engineer the journey of your data, helping you deliver truth, transparency, insight, and analysis to data stakeholders.

Quick Start Guide:

The Lineage live demo lets you explore a sample data warehouse environment that includes tables, columns, SQL statements, ETL pipelines, BI users, and much more.

Complete the registration form to access the demo. You can return to the demo at any time using your email address and password to log in.

Note: we recommended running the demo on a desktop or laptop for the best user experience.

Contact us if you are interested in a demo.

After signing in, you are presented with the instance panel showing the demo instance status.

Click Open to start the demo.

Launching the demo displays the Lineage entry screen with a search bar and three sample search options.

On your first visit to the demo, select from the pre-defined table searches to go to the Data Flow panel.

Diagraming Table Lineage

The Data Flow diagram shows all upstream and downstream tables, with the table you selected centered and highlighted in purple. In addition to tables, this display shows the names of pipelines that affect this and other tables.

Scroll to zoom in and out of any diagram. Click any element to refocus the diagram.

Clicking on the Columns icon reveals the columns in each table.

Tracing Column Lineage

Clicking a column name lets you trace its lineage.

Click on an edge (a line with an arrow) to get a semantic summary of the action connecting two elements

Displaying SQL Statements

Click on Code in the upper right corner of any diagram panel to display the SQL statements associated with elements in the diagram. Use the timeline scrub bar to trace previous executions of the SQL code.

Use the Back button or table name and pipeline name links to recenter the display on the Data Flow diagram.

Integration and the Lineage API

The Live Demo is a fully functioning copy of the Lineage user interface and the Lineage GraphQL API. The API lets you integrate Lineage with other data warehouse management tools and in-house apps. The demo includes the GraphiQL console: an IDE for writing and validating GraphQL queries run directly against the Lineage graph. The console support syntax highlighting and validation, typeahead suggestions, tab completion, and interactive documentation.

The Lineage graph is built automatically using SQL logs and ETL pipelines from your production environment and automatically updates as your production environment changes.

At no point does Lineage touch your data.

This Quick Start Guide gives you a taste of the capabilities of Lineage. Explore the demo at your own pace to discover more.

CompilerWorks Lineage gives you the visibility to make informed decisions about authenticity, governance, and data migration. No other data lineage tool offers the breadth, visualization, automation, and integration of CompilerWorks Lineage.

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