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Your data has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
The end gets the attention.

But knowing where it started and what happened along the way is vital.
Proving lineage demonstrates transparency, establishes trust, and builds confidence in your data.

Reverse engineer the journey of your data

  • Analyze logs and code.
  • It never once touches your data.
  • Create an actionable graph revealing your data’s origin, transformations, and access.
  • The visibility to make informed decisions about authenticity, governance, and data migration.

CompilerWorks does data lineage meticulously and automatically.

Syngenta wanted to create an Enterprise Data Model (EDM) in Redshift but data scientists were reluctant to move away from legacy data silos. Find out how CompilerWorks created trust in the new EDM.

“Creating insight, empowering data exploration, and training ML needs real data from trusted data sources with clear lineage and up-to-date content, readily available, easy to understand and us.”

— Bruno Freitag, Senior Data Architect for Data Science, Syngenta Group

Identify the Code Impacted by a Refactoring

CompilerWorks Lineage tracks data from its source through all downstream processes (and across multiple data repositories.) 

The information in the lineage fabric makes it simple to find the code responsible for particular data flows and identify users impacted by specific data elements (at the column level). 

PayPal needed to move their data warehouse to BigQuery but many of their workloads were redundant. Discover how CompilerWorks helped ease the migration and identified workloads to be deprecated.

“We created a lineage graph to separate used workloads from unused ones This helped greatly reduce the number of tables and schemas, scheduled jobs, Jupyter Notebooks, and Tableau dashboards we needed to migrate. Having users manually find this out would be tedious and error prone.”

Romit Mehta, Head of Product, Data and Analytics Platform, PayPal

Imagine if all data engineers and analysts could read all of the data processing code in your infrastructure, analyze it, and tie it together into a unified lineage fabric. They would understand everything about how data is being used in the enterprise.

Lyft’s data engineering team were continually moving data between tables with little insight into the impact. Read how CompilerWorks let engineers know what data was being used, how it was processed, by whom, and for what.

“CompilerWorks Lineage has helped close the gap that existed in our lineage knowledge. It has helped us do impact analysis for our data migrations, upstream and down.”

— Liuyin Cheng, Lyft Data Engineer