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Syngenta Talks Cloud Migration and Digital Agriculture
Faced with the ever-escalating need to help farms make more efficient use of land, Syngenta leveraged automation software from CompilerWorks to expedite its migration to the cloud.

Technology at PayPal

PayPal’s Data Warehouse Migration to Google BigQuery
PayPal has experienced record growth since the beginning of the global pandemic. To keep up with the demand from growth, we decided to migrate PayPal Analytics platforms to the public cloud. The first big migration of a warehouse workload to BigQuery in Google Cloud took less than a year. Along the way, the PayPal team built a platform which would support many other use cases as well.

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Five Hidden Costs in Code Migration: How to Avoid Surprise Expenses
The most complex challenge involved in completing cloud migrations is not moving the data but migrating the data processing code to work on new infrastructure in the cloud.

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What Data Catalogs Don’t Reveal
Data catalogs are missing a major piece of the puzzle – they fail to draw accurate relationships between data assets and how they relate to (or are calculated from) each other.