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SQL Server to Snowflake Migration with CompilerWorks

snowflake SQL migration

You want to migrate from SQL server to Snowflake without experiencing the major challenges of manual migration. 

CompilerWorks can help make your migration from SQL server to Snowflake fast, accurate, and predictable. 

In this guide, we will discuss: 

  • SQL server to Snowflake migration challenges
  • How CompilerWorks can simplify your SQL server to Snowflake migration

Table of Contents

  • Migrating SQL Server To Snowflake
  • Why Would You Want To Move Data from SQL Server to Snowflake?
  • Limitations and Challenges When Moving SQL Server To Snowflake
  • How CompilerWorks Can Help
  • Simplify Your Migration From a SQL Server to Snowflake With CompilerWorks

SQL Server to Snowflake: Potential Issues With Manual Migration

Is There An Easier Way To Migrate Data From SQL Server To Snowflake

Using Snowflake makes data storage easy, but making the transfer is a different story.

Most of your SQL Server to Snowflake migration options are time-consuming and can be risky. 

There is an easier way.

Using a specialized data migration service, like CompilerWorks, reduces the chance for human error and makes the transfer much faster.

That means less downtime for you and a much higher rate of accuracy.

How CompilerWorks Can Help

CompilerWorks’ Transpiler solution is a robust solution to accelerate migration to the cloud. 

The Transpiler solution covers: 

  • Automatic, accurate SQL code migration
  • Structuring of the migration project
  • Automated testing and verification

The CompilerWorks’ Transpiler solution works to avoid lengthy delays by:

  1. Scoping the entire project by automatically creating a comprehensive data lineage of source systems at the start of the migration project. 
  2. Automatically identifying gaps in the source code that can cause delays lasting up to months.

With the CompilerWorks’ Transpiler solution you can rely on its accuracy, predictability, and speed to simplify your SQL server to Snowflake migration. 


Unlike the traditional process of manually rewriting code, which can lead to errors that slip through basic testing strategies and cause massive delays, the transpiler is designed to produce the same, accurate answer on the source and target systems every time. 


The CompilerWorks’ Transpiler solution eliminates surprises during the migration project. 

The Transpiler guarantees: 

  • No need to rescope because new code/functionality is discovered.
  • No delays introduced due to missing functionality in the target system that wasn’t discovered until halfway through the migration project. 

This is because CompilerWorks processes the execution logs and systemically identifies: 

  • Any missing code in the source system provided for the migration project
  • All functionality on the source system that needs to be replicated onto the target system
  • Any gaps in functionality found in the target system that will require human intervention for the project migration.

The CompilerWorks’ Transpiler solution is a predictable, end-to-end solution for the management and execution of migration projects.


The transpiler quickly generates performant and accurate code. 

This is due to the compiler understanding all the nuances of the code being converted and the capabilities of the platform it is being generated for. The compiler uses this information to create performant code for the target platform. 

With the CompilerWorks’ Transpiler solution, time spent on migration projects can be reduced by 50% or more.

For example, CompilerWorks’ largest customer compiles 10TB of SQL on a daily basis using a single machine. 

Simplify Your Migration From a SQL Server to Snowflake With CompilerWorks

The CompilerWorks Transpiler solution takes the stress and arduous work out of your SQL server to Snowflake migration project. 

With CompilerWorks’ revolutionary core technology, the Transpiler Solution can turn your large, high-risk, slow, error prone migration into a predictable, structured, fast, and accurate one.