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Syngenta’s Search for a Single Source of Truth

Syngenta’s Search for a Single Source of Truth

Syngenta is a global AgTech company dedicated to helping millions of farmers around the world safely and sustainably grow high-quality food, feed, fiber, and fuel. The company’s 26,000 employees in 100 countries use world-class science to transform how crops are grown and protected. In 2020, Syngenta had $14.3B in global sales and devoted 10% of revenue to R&D.

Syngenta achieved its position as a world leader in agtech through innovation and a succession of successful mergers and acquisitions. The downside of this growth path was a fractured IT environment.

For Syngenta’s data scientist and visualization engineers, the siloed IT environment presented real problems. Like an iceberg, 20% of the company’s data from trials, R&D, and field observations were visible. But ensuring the provenance of this visible tip required navigating the 80% of arcane, siloed data and processes that were obscured from view.

Syngenta’s senior data architect found a reproducible and scalable way to integrate the silos of data with the help of CompilerWorks. Creating a set of data marts on Amazon Redshift, Syngenta assimilated data from 60 different sources, integrating the entire technology, process, and product lifecycle of the Syngenta Group. CompilerWorks Lineage provided transparency enabling data scientists to see where their data originated. Data lineage was presented in a simple, understandable way, giving confidence in the new data source.

The landscape of assimilated data, processed through CompilerWorks, let Syngenta’s data scientists focus on the business meaning of the data in a trusted, agnostic way, providing data observability without ever having to dig into the source.

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