Join our team

We are a bespoke compilers company which is tackling existing and new enterprise languages and compiling them to new backends (mostly, but not all, parallel). Our business is growing rapidly, we have highly cooperative customers, and we are immediately looking for people to join our development team.

This job is in one of the most challenging and most fundamental fields in computing: language design and implementation. Accuracy and attention to detail are critical.

We are looking for someone who learns, fast and continuously; who is prepared to understand everything from CPU caches to type systems. We want you to hit the ground on a new problem each week, and keep running. In return for this, we offer the opportunity to truly spend your time learning - something everybody claims, but very few actually offer - and we assure you that what you don't know now, you will learn very soon.

We use Java, Gradle, findbugs, git, Spring Framework.

Please write info{at} and tell us why you would like to work with us.