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  • Rich GUI, with quick access to data sources, query construction and advanced dataflow visualization.
  • Use multiple languages to construct queries including full SQL and Pig
  • Environment dynamically provides syntax hints to ensure query validity
  • Estimate query execution time, including network/computation loads
  • Collaborate with others to re-use analytics already designed/performed

Working with

  • Dataflow visualization verifies analyses before deployment
  • Easily integrate UDFs in the dataflow
  • Test query execution with data output visualized at each step in the dataflow
  • Combine SQL and Pig, with more advanced analytics languages coming in the future
  • Build optimized dataflow components for easy re-use

Big Data

  • Bridge traditional and NoSQL data repositories
    • relational databases and data warehouses (including Oracle, Teradata and Vertica)
    • modern NoSQL repositories including Hadoop, Hive, HBase, Cassandra, Storm, etc.
  • Easily contruct analyses that traverse all your data sources,
  • Automatically optimize query execution taking advantage of processing resources inside both traditional and NoSQL data repositories


How we make this possible:

  • Multi-stage compilation of queries/scripts into visualized dataflows:
    • real-time query syntax feedback while designing queries
    • integration of multiple queries/scripts into integrated dataflows
  • Optimizes the dataflow for execution across all data repositories involved
    • Utilize all computing resources in both traditional and NoSQL data repositories
  • Deploys a user environment from a centralized server
    • Enable collaboration sharing/re-use of the team's work
    • Simplfies and centralizes administration of data source access