• Portability



    Remove the shackles tying you to high cost database and data warehouse infrastructure.

    No code rewrites required to use your existing business rules and analytics with low cost Big Data repositories.

  • Quickly Explore 


    Your Data

    Write queries and analytics in a familiar language without worrying about where your data is stored.

    Automatically generates a visual and interactive model of all your data processing dataflows.

  • Optimize

     Data Processing 

     Speed and Efficiency

    Refactor your database. No need to manually rewrite your code to deal with the new schema.

    Automatically find hot spots and remove redundancies to reduce processing times and costs.

Clients say about us

  • “We estimated it would take 10,000 developer hours to move our library of queries from Vertica. We did it in a few hundred with the help of CompilerWorks.”
    — GM Data Engineering, Major Social Networking Co.
  • “CompilerWorks separates business interests from technical implementation, letting our clients to put less effort into managing technology platforms and invest more time applying analytics to drive their business.”
    — CTO, Clarity Solution Group, North America’s largest data analytics professional services firm
  • “We wanted Oracle users to be able to port their query libraries to our high scalable, ACID compliant infrastructure. CompilerWorks has the knowledge and technology to make that a reality.”
    — SVP Marketing, Data Repository "Manufacturer"


Source Language

Query(s) in a growing number of languages and dialects.


Intermediate Representation

Compiler Transformations

  • Business logic transformation
  • Platform specific optimization
  • Feature emulation
  • Standardize coding patterns

Lineage Model

  • Comprehensive data provenance and lineage
  • Identify dead code for process elimination
  • Highlight misuse of operators (bad coding practices)

Target Language

Executable (or code) to run analysis on target platform:

  • Netezza SQL, Vertica SQL, Oracle pl/sql, Presto, Hive, Spark, Impala, Cassandra, Splice Machine, Map/Reduce, et.c.

Control readability vs. "level of compatibility" through compiler configuration options.


Compilers deliver three core "technical" benefits when handling computer code:
  • Transformation - restructuring your data to increase performance and speed analytics development
  • Conversion - convert your code to produce the exact same result on a new/different platform
  • Analysis - develop new analytics more quickly and reduce the cost of maintaining your code
The benefits of our compilers are felt across the organization. The table below shows how each core technical benefit impacts executives, analysts and developers in your organization.

Customer Benefits

Transformation Conversion Analysis
Executives Develop new analytics by reducing the burden of maintaining the current system. Portability - no lock-in with a particular repository vendor Visualize how data flows in your enterprise
Analysts Improve performance and maintainability of analytics without recoding all downstream analyses Increase productivity - work with familiar languages without concern for the target platform Quickly develop new analyses and connect them in the enterprise dataflow
Developers Increase scalability and reduce maintenance costs by making data refactoring quick and low cost Enable cost savings and performance increases by reducing the burden of migrating between platforms Easily maintain more code by automatically enforcing coding standards

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